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1. How much do utilities run?
It varies from unit to unit but a good guess is it averages $75 per month, per person, including internet & cable over the course of a year. In the winter months it will be higher than that and Fall & Spring lower; Summer it depends if you use AC or not.

2. Do you allow pets?
We do not allow dogs or cats but do allow small caged animals like birds, rodents, fish Etc. Just ask our permission before getting any pet.

3. Do you offer 3 Quarter leases?
No we only offer 12 month Leases, either June to June or Sept. to Sept
depending on the unit. If a unit is June to June we will not offer an option
of Sept to Sept, it must stay June to June.

4. I have signed a lease but I am no longer planning to be enrolled in Ohio
University and I want to get out of my lease.

The reason that we have a lease is to insure that there is a legal
commitmnent to keep our property rented. If we let you out of a lease it would defeat the purpose of the lease which is to protect us from loosing money.
We do allow you to find a Sublettor and in some cases we will let them
replace you on the lease. As soon as you know that you may need to cover you lease reponsibility call us , we may be able to help you find someone!

5. If something in my house or apartment is broken should I call a repair man to fix it and send Kleinpenny Rentals the bill?
Always call the Kleinpenny rentals office at 594-6900 or if it is after hours
and an emergency call Michael Kleinman the owner at home (592-5979).
Never call a repair man yourself because Kleinpenny Rentals will not pay for
a repair that they did not authorize.

6. I have a light fixture that is not working, I've changed the bulb and it
still does not work?

Over 50 % of the time the light bulb you used to replace the old bulb is
also bad. Check the bulb by screwing into a working light. If the bulb is good then check the electric panel box to see if a breaker has tripped. Breakers often do not move enough when they are tripped to notice visually. Breakers will not reset if you just flip them back on ,you must flip them off first and then back on to be sure they are reset. To be sure flip all the breakers off and then back on. After you do all of this make sure the light is turned on when you check to see if it works!

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