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This website offers you several ways to search for housing:

1. There is a printable property list of all our housing, the gray
highlighted listings have been rented and the white ones are available.

2.There is a location map that shows all our properties and is linked to
info about each one- just double click on the property to link to the info.

3. There is a property search (this is way cool!) in which you can search for
specific things like; a porch, a hot tub, high ceilings, hardwood floors. Or
look for a specific street, like N. Congress. Just choose location, description, or amenities from the pull down menu and then type in a keyword of your choice and select search. Every unit with that feature will come up.

4. You may search our properties by number of bedrooms, getting just our
listings with the number of bedrooms you are interested in renting. To do
this use the pull down menu located on every page in the upper right hand corner.

All of the availability info on this site is kept current- as soon as a
property is rented, the site is updated. The rental rates for following years
are not updated until everything on the property list is rented.


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