Live the Single Life in Luxury Off-Campus 1-Bedrooms for OU Students

If you’re weighing the pros and cons of living with roommates vs by yourself, you should take a look at our one bedroom apartments. They’re all close to uptown Athens and Ohio University’s campus; they can be your own little sanctuary: a quiet place to be alone while still being just a stone’s throw away from the action and amenities on Court Street.

There’s a few reasons choosing a 1-bed, 1-bath apartment in Athens might be a better fit for you than a room in a 5-bedroom rental home. So if you’ve been wavering on whether to go it alone or on the roommate route, consider these 7 advantages to leasing a 1-bedroom apartment while you’re off-campus at OU:

1. You don’t have to share anything.

In a one bedroom unit, you’ve got the dishwasher, the laundry and the bathroom all to yourself. No splitting shelves in the refrigerator or divvying up cabinets. No dealing with roommates who don’t do dishes, leave laundry in the washer for weeks, or leave wads of hair in the shower drain. (Gross.)

2. You get uninterrupted quiet time.

Whether you’re studying, sleeping or just chilling out, there’s something to be said for times when nothing is happening around you. In a six-bedroom house, even the biggest, nicest bedroom is still susceptible to the noise and activity in the rest of the rental home. No more being woken up at weird times of night because someone got rowdy at 2am.

3. You have an ideal study spot at home.

It’s hard when you live with other people to get the quiet time and/or the space (literal and figurative) that you may need to zone in on school. That thesis you’re halfway through? Now you have somewhere you can sprawl out all your research without having to worry about taking up too much space. You’ll never have to go searching for a free corner in the depths of 7th floor Alden during finals week again.

4. You can decorate the space any way you want.

Stay within the parameters of your lease, though. But when it’s just you in a 1-bedroom, you can set the space in a way that vibes best with you, whether that means bright colors and kitsch or monotone palettes and clean lines.

5. You have control over who is in your space.

In a roommate situation, even if it’s just a two-bedroom setup, you have to respect (and deal with) your roommate(s)’ friends. But not if you’re living in a single bedroom apartment! Living by yourself, you are the sole decider of who visits your home and when.

6. You control expenses.

Careless roommates can run up the utility bills. Yes, splitting the Wi-Fi bill is nice – you can’t do anything about Spectrum’s ridiculous rates – but when it comes to water, electric and gas, utility costs can get out of control. Maybe someone is running the AC incessantly in the summer and sweating everyone out through the winter. Maybe a gamer is eating tonnes of electricity, or an athlete is taking 3 showers a day. When it’ just you and just one bedroom, utility costs are low, and you have control over what they all add up to. 

7. You learn how to adult.

It’s almost too easy to stay a kid when you’re living with roommates; there’s always someone around. And there are a lot of great things about that, but there’s something to be said for being solely responsible for your home, your schooling, your job and yourself. Resetting the Wi-Fi router? Cleaning the toilet? Grocery shopping? That’s all on you. Living in a one bedroom apartment in Athens during college will let you have a super-smooth transition into living on your own post-college.

A Rental Company in Athens, Ohio Serving OU Students with Luxury 1-Bedroom Housing

When you’re in college, life is changing all the time, and that can get hard. But you can make your living situation easy. Kleinpenny Rentals leases and maintains over 70 properties near Athens uptown and Ohio University campus. With luxury amenities like laundry, dishwashers, AC, off-campus parking and way more, living in one of our single apartments won’t feel like the chaos of college, but like real life. Have all the comforts of home and none of the bother of roommates. It’s a win-win all around. Check out our 1-bedroom listings, and remember – plan ahead in your apartment search!