What You Should Know About Our Sample Apartment Lease

Easily available in PDF form on our Housing drop-down menu, if you’re considering renting with Kleinpenny Rentals, you should take a look at our apartment lease template. This is the standard starting point for every KPR student rental property lease, and will tell you what you can expect if you lease Athens OU housing from our rental company.

We’ve made our lease easy-to-follow; they don’t need to be 30 pages long and filled with legalese. Our apartment contracts are designed to be transparent and direct, so you feel comfortable knowing exactly what you’re signing. Moving into a new place should be fun and exciting, not scary and uncertain.

Here’s what you can expect to find information on in our sample apartment lease, though details will vary by rental property:

  1. The official mailing address of the unit you’re renting

  2. Start and end dates for the lease, which run either May-May or August-August, including move out policies

  3. Rent amounts and an explanation of payment schedules

  4. Information on security deposit processes including amount, due dates, deductions and return forwarding

  5. Explanation of acceptable methods of payment

  6. Utilities, though this section of the sample lease will vary between properties, because some KPR Athens rentals have some utilities included in the lease

  7. Policies for parking rentals at your apartment

  8. Rent-related responsibilities and late charges

  9. Occupancy policies, including how many people can live there, guest policies, and late move out penalties

  10. Early move in policy

  11. Explanation of move in procedures

  12. Landlord’s right to inspect the rental unit and tenant notification requirements

  13. Sublease policy

  14. In-case-of-eviction clause regarding which party is responsible for any court costs incurred

  15. Standard post-move out carpet cleaning policy, though, if you rent one of our uptown apartments with full hardwood and tile floors, you won’t have to worry about this item of the sample lease

  16. Explanation of policies about the use of walls for décor and penalties for smoke damage

  17. Post-lease painting policy

  18. Lightbulbs clause

  19. Responsibilities for washer and dryer care

  20. Smoke alarms clause

  21. Pet policy, which does vary by rental unit, but this section of the sample apartment lease is important to read for the visiting pet policy as well, which is the same for every property

  22. KPR and tenant responsibilities for pest control

  23. Things not to do, including candle-burning, surge protector requirements for power cords, and furniture restrictions for apartments with outdoor space like a deck or yard

  24. What happens if you lock yourself out of your uptown student rental

  25. Explanation of procedures for returning the keys when your lease is up

  26. Owner and tenant protections in case of property damage, emergencies, or household breakdown

  27. Maintenance and repairs policy

  28. How KPR deals with recycling

  29. When to schedule your check-in time at the start of your apartment lease

  30. If you decide to lease for more than one year

  31. What to do if you want to renew your lease

  32. Explanation of penalties for terminating your lease early

  33. Quiet enjoyment clause, which basically says we won’t bother you as long as you’re respecting the unit you’ve rented

  34. What happens if you get noise complaints

After space for each roommate to put their contact information and sign, you will see on the lease template that a mailing address and payment schedule will be listed with specific dates, and you’ll find contact information for utility companies just after. And that’s it! You’ve navigated the whole Kleinpenny Sample Rental Agreement.

Dedicated Landlord, Luxury Apartments: Live Your Best OU Life

When you boil it down like that, a sample apartment lease is pretty easy to understand. Well, ours is, at least. We pride ourselves on being atypical of university-town landlords, and our student rental housing definitely isn’t your typical off-campus college apartments. 

Our rental properties feature fully-renovated spaces, air conditioning, and amenities like dishwashers and on-site laundry; our leases feature clear language, designated rental parking, and incentives like city utilities, which are included in many of our Athens apartment leases. Take a look at our rental properties, and get help with any questions you may have on our FAQ page or by contacting us. Happy lease signing!