Leasing a Home Uptown is the Best Mix of Work & Play

Moving off-campus, new to town, or just looking for your next rental home? Consider leasing a place uptown. The central neighborhoods of Athens are the best this town has to offer; proximity to Court Street is also proximity to campus. The two aren’t really separate anyway; an Ohio University experience is an Athens experience – anyone who’s gone to college here knows.

Yes, you could always opt for a house down East State St or a rental unit down on the West Side. Honestly, even apartments that aren’t uptown aren’t exactly far away; you can walk to Court St in about 10-15 minutes from the farthest neighborhoods. But it’s still not the same as leasing an apartment within a couple blocks – or even within sight – of Uptown. 

Athens is an active place day and night, and so is OU – there’s always a great reason to get out of the house and head to Court St bars and restaurants, MemAud for a performance, or Baker for a colloquium, and an Uptown rental is the best way to get the most out of your classes and your college experience.

Choose Anything from a Studio Apartment to an 8-Bedroom Rental House

Our rental company leases a wide variety of luxury student apartments in the best central uptown neighborhoods. We're talking 2 bedroom apartments around the corner from Court St and six bedroom rental houses a block or two away. 

Recently updated and newly-renovated units, some in historic Uptown buildings, some in small, new-construction complexes, others in century-old homes, finding a great place to rent near central Athens is easy, whether you’re a single, a family of 4, or a big group of students looking for a great rental house for entertaining friends.

Our Favorite Things to do Uptown

So, what is it that’s so great about living close to Court St? Too many things to count. But we’ll clue you in on what we think are the Top 10 of Uptown activities and amenities:

  1. Groceries at the Dollar General, CVS, and underneath Ginger

  2. Holzer’s Uptown Health Clinic

  3. Frequent events on the bricks, including arts, cultural and beer festivals. (Also, DORA during summer months. Just saying.)

  4. Bagel Street Deli. Enough Said.

  5. Local staples like The Union, Jackie-O’s, O’Betty’s, and Casa Nueva

  6. Easy access to campus – Baker Center is literally at the end of Court Street.

  7. Four coffee shops. Five? Either way – great for studying and keeping that caffeine kick going.

  8. Liquor Pitcher Night at Lucky’s

  9. PassionWorks Studio

  10. Pumpkin the Cat, who lives at the Election Office

Of course, the scenery of Uptown Athens is beautiful as well; it’s a 200-year-old Appalachian town with extant brick streets and preserved buildings. There’s something about that that gives Court Street a welcoming vibe that mixes heritage with youth and the future (our OU students!).

Luxury Student Apartment & House Rentals Close to Court Street & Campus

Possibly the best thing about renting a house or apartment close to Uptown is that you’re set up for a care-free, convenient lifestyle. Luxury apartment features like in-unit laundry, dishwashers, rental parking, renovated kitchens and bathrooms, hardwood floors, and more, come standard in all of KPR’s rental properties. You’re a short walk to campus and an even shorter walk to the bars. So if you’re up for comfortable living in a place that feels like home, located in the center of Athens, our properties are going to be some of your best options.

Curious? Visit our Property Search page and check out our Sample Lease. Feel free to reach out with any questions or apartment inquiries.