FAQ about Renting


Before Renting:

1. How much do utilities run?
Utilities vary depending on the unit but a good guess is it averages between $75 and $100 per month, per person, over the course of a year. In the winter months it will be higher than that and Fall & Spring lower. In the summer it depends if you use air conditioning or not.

2. Do you allow pets? 
We do not allow dogs or cats but do allow small caged animals like birds, rodents, fish etc. Ask our permission before getting any pet.

3. Do you offer a three quarter lease?
No, we only offer 12 month Leases, either May to May or August to August depending on the unit. If a unit is May to May it cannot not be offered as a August to August. Each listing will state the term of the lease.

4. Can you hold a property for me . 
No, until we sign a lease and get a deposit we can not hold a property.

5. Can I get a parking space? 
Some of our properties come with free parking but most parking is offered as an add on fee. In this way only a tenant with a vehicle needs to pay for parking. We rent spaces for the entire year, not monthly. If you know you will need a parking space we strongly suggest you secure one when you sign your lease. We do not hold parking spaces, it is on a first come, first serve basis. There is no guarantee that you will have a space until you pay for one. Paid parking spaces are always an assigned designated space.

Before Moving In:

1. Can I move in Early? 
Depending on the condition the unit was left in we often give you the option to clean the unit yourself and forfeit having us clean it so you can move in a week early. We still clean the carpet and paint any walls that are damaged.

2. I know the people in my unit, they say I can put my stuff in before my lease starts, is this okay?
No, nothing can be moved into the unit before your lease starts nor can items be left for you by prior tenants. The unit must be totally empty so that we can clean and paint with out anything in the way.

3. How do I get my keys when my lease starts?
You need to set up a move in appointment two weeks prior to moving in. At this appointment you will do a walk through with someone from Kleinpenny Rentals and sign a check list on the condition of the unit. After the walk through whoever is present will receive all the keys to distribute them to any tenant who moves in later. There is only one move in appointment.

4. I have signed a lease but I am no longer planning to be enrolled in Ohio University or I just want to get out of my lease.
The reason that we have a lease is to insure that there is a legal commitment to keep our property rented. If we let you out of a lease it would defeat the purpose of the lease which is to protect us from losing money. We do allow you to find a sublettor and in some cases, particularly if it is before you move in, we will let them replace you on the lease. That said, as soon as you know that you will need someone to take over your lease call us, we may be able to help you find someone!

After Moving In:

1. If something in my house or apartment is broken should I call a repair man to fix it and send Kleinpenny Rentals the bill?
Always send us a maintenance request by email (LINK). If it is after hours and an emergency call Michael Kleinman the owner at home 740-592-5979. Never call a repair man yourself because Kleinpenny Rentals will not pay for a repair that they did not authorize. 99% of all problems can be handled by our staff and we will reply quickly to your situation.

2. I have a light fixture that is not working, I've changed the bulb and it still does not work? Or my outlet does not seem to work.
Over 50% of the time the light bulb you use to replace the old bulb also turns out to be bad. Check the bulb by screwing into a working light. If the bulb is good then check the electric panel box to see if a breaker has tripped.  Breakers will not reset if you just flip them back on, you must flip them off first and then back on. If you are not sure which breaker it is you can flip all the breakers off and then back on. After you do all of this make sure the light is turned on when you check to see if it works!

3. Someone is parked in my parking space:
First make sure that you are parked in the correct spot, you can email Kleinpenny Rentals to confirm your spot assignment. We suggest putting a note on the car warning that you will tow them if they do not move. If they do not move then all the number on the towing sign posted at the lot and have them towed.

4. How to I recycle?
Athens now has mixed single stream recycling. Large rolling blue bins should be available at your property. Contact us if you can’t find them. Put all clean items into one container and then dump that into the bin each week. The recycling center really appreciates it when you don’t put everything into additional bags. Just dump it all into the bin. For a list of what can be recycled, check out their website:
To find out which day is recycling and trash day at your unit, check here:
Please recycle, Athens landfill is getting full and recycling is a great way to value this town.

5. It’s cold in my apartment, I feel a breeze and my heating bills are really high!
Most of the time we find that our tenants windows are not closed at the top and not latched. If the window is open even an inch you will let out most of the heat in your unit and your bills will be twice as high. If you have trouble figuring out how to close and latch your windows contact us and we will help.

6. I’m leaving for break and want to turn my heat WAY down, I don’t want to pay bills if I’m not here!
You can turn the thermostat down to 55 and most of the time there will still be enough heat that your pipes will not freeze. If you are gone on break and the temperature goes below zero we will come over and turn your heat up until it is safe to turn it back down. You are responsible for all damages due to not having your heat turned on.