Athens, Ohio Off-Campus Student Housing with Outdoor Spaces

One of the great things about Athens, Ohio is, that even right uptown around Court Street, you’re surrounded by nature. Why not appreciate that nature by choosing an off-campus apartment rental with a yard? Apartments and houses with all the perks of being uptown and outdoor space you can use for almost anything make the best rentals for OU students with active lifestyles. Athens rental companies who lease off-campus housing with yards also tend to take care of the lawn maintenance for you, so it’s extra living space with no extra work for you.

The Perks of Uptown Housing with Yards, Decks and Balconies

Besides making your Athens apartment feel more like home, renting a unit with a yard or other kind of outdoor space has a few other advantages that can make your Ohio University experience complete.

Roommate Relationships

Even the most functional roommates need extra space sometimes. Especially in a big rental like an 8-bedroom house, a yard can make all the difference when you need to get away from the noise and chaos for some quiet time.

Low-Key Cabin Fever

Sometimes a busy class schedule, part-time job and study schedule can make you feel a little claustrophobic. An uptown apartment with a yard and a view can give you time to get out of your routine for a moment and get some sunshine.

Summertime Games and Gatherings

Probably the biggest reason we rent off-campus housing with yards, balconies and decks is because we know OU students love to take advantage of the beautiful Spring and Summer weather in Athens. Uptown rental housing with yards allow you to cook out with friends, play lawn games like corn hole, and easily transition to and from the bars on nights out.

A Landlord who Understands the Value of OU Apartments with Yards

Our Athens rental company maintains and leases dozens of uptown Athens apartments with outdoor spaces. Whether it’s a yard, balcony, deck or terrace, our off-campus housing helps students take full advantage of the OU-Athens experience. Check out our selection of uptown apartments and houses with yards and views. We appreciate the beauty of Athens and Ohio University’s campus, and we love our tenants to, too.