OU’s International Week is one of the most vibrant weeks on campus green and uptown Athens – not just because of all the cool things to experience, but visually as well. Colorful clothes, wares, music, flags and foods of the different cultures represented in OU’s student body.

One of the best things about OU is how much culture and diversity the university manages to attract. It’s a pretty worldly little corner of Ohio we’ve created here!

Staying in Athens during OU’s spring break? Don’t mope about in your student rental. Well, unless that’s your vibe – nothing wrong with some cozy self-care. But if you find yourself getting antsy, there’s no shortage of things to do around Athens in the spring time.

Winter can get cold and lonely, right? It’s not exactly fun to meet up at the bars in 20-degree weather, or take a hike in the freezing rain. And not being outside a lot, coupled with it being dark all the time, can give even the cheeriest of people a bit of the sads.

Every home needs a good dusting off after the dark and the cold of winter, especially a student apartment. There was Thanksgiving Break, winter finals, Winter Break, and then the chaos of a new semester. The chaos of the start of your last semester, if you’re graduating.

Athens has a settler heritage of over 200 years; it’s one of the oldest towns in Ohio. In fact, it low-key predates the state. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as Athens’ actual history goes.

No matter your area of study, your major, your thesis, we could all use a bit of an anthropology brush-up at times. Remembering to consider everyone else’s point of view as the same value as your own is part of being a well-rounded person.

Anyone who’s visited the Athens area knows it’s crisscrossed with train tracks – both derelict ones, one still in use, and old trestles converted to walking and bike trails.

You’ll often hear your parents and their friends talking about their time in college dorms fondly. To some extent, many people do enjoy their 2 years of on-campus residency. And, to be honest, Ohio University’s dorms are pretty legit compared to other schools.

For nearly 60 years, Hocking Hills State Park has hosted an annual winter hike in late January. It’s a chance for locals and tourists alike to appreciate the beautiful scenery of the area from a different perspective – because who plans a hiking trip during winter, right?