The Ridges holds a special place in the hearts of Athenians, Ohio University, and every amateur and professional focused on the history of psychiatry in the US.

There are a bunch of fun things about staying in Athens during OU summer break. You’re in your own uptown apartment, but most of the students are gone, so it feels even more adulty than usual. The bars are fun because they’re not packed and you see the same new friends every night.

Seeing your kid graduate from college is an exciting moment. However, the logistics of going to graduation aren’t so exciting – the crowds, the traffic, the unfamiliar place. But with a bit of planning and some inside information, you can take a lot of the stress of graduation weekend off.

It seems like everything but classes slows down in the winter. Why go to the bars when it’s 20 and windy out? And those daily bike trail runs in cloudy sleet? No thanks.

Happy Women’s History Month! From hill to holler, Athens and OU are full of the gifts of centuries of women who helped build, grow and sustain this place. Athens has long been known for its civil rights efforts, and Ohio University has a 45-year history of Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies.

The Indigo Girls are coming to Athens this March 21st for a concert featuring the OHIO symphony orchestra, set to play at 730pm at Templeton-Blackburn Memorial Auditorium.

Weather, personal preferences, space, and other environmental factors mean sometimes your heat bill comes in the mail and gives you a not-so-great surprise: it’s huge.

Looking for things to do around town in the dead of January? One thing everyone loves about Athens is there’s always something to do.

Decided not to take the long trip home for Fall Break? It’s only a few days, but it’s a time of the year families typically have big gatherings for Thanksgiving, and it might be hard to be away for the first time.