For those of us who choose to live with friends or family during our time at Ohio University, when you go to look for the best places to rent in Athens, the big question arises: How many bedrooms should our rental have?

For Ohio University and Athens at-large, The Ridges, a complex of buildings that sits on the ridgetop overlooking campus, is one of the most recognizable images in Southeast Ohio.

If you’ve signed an August-to-August lease on your off-campus housing, you’ll get to experience summertime in Athens, Ohio.

Moving off-campus into an uptown rental is exciting. No more close quarters in the dorms, shared bathrooms, sleeping 2.5 feet away from a snoring roommate. It’s going to be great.

Fest season is wild every year. From riots to couch burning, houses with front yards turn to mud pits from hundreds of shoes mixing with Athens’ springtime rains. Every year, dozens of students get fined or arrested for getting too ratchet to be in public.

The pawpaw is a little-known fruit that grows throughout Appalachia, with most of the largest ones with the best fruits at the North end of the mountains, in Southeast Ohio and West Virginia.

Some people look for apartments when they want to rent near uptown Athens, and some people look for houses. There’s a bit more to an 8-bedroom rental house than a 3-bedroom apartment unit, and you want to ensure you make the choice that’s best for you and your friends.

Some of us like living alone. But that doesn’t mean we don’t still want to be in the middle of all the Athens, Ohio University action that happens uptown.

One thing to love about Athens and Ohio University is the wildlife that seem not to care they’re living among buildings, cars and people.

Athens, Ohio is notorious for a few things. Being the only liberal bubble in Ohio, having the MOST bangin’ Halloween Festival, our beautiful historic downtown with brick streets, and being home to a top-notch School of Journalism at OU.