Athens’ Nightlife is a Huge Part of OU Culture, and You Can Live in the Center of it

We can all agree that Ohio University is a great choice of school; it’s stacked with renowned colleges and cutting-edge programs. But also, just admit it – coming to OU definitely has perks that have nothing to do with your education. Namely, Court Street. 

Court Street itself, and especially the 15 or so bars on its 3 blocks, are central to Athens’ local culture. Boogie on the Bricks, bar crawls, Brew Week – it’s not just students who love to rent apartments near the bars. OU isn’t just a party school, and Athens isn’t just a small town – we like to have fun here. 

There’s a lot of advantages to living in an apartment near Athens’ uptown bars. And if you’re a student wondering how to convince your parents living in an apartment or rental house near Court Street is a good idea? Tell them it’s a cultural experience and you’re just trying to immerse yourself! The “college experience”, right? 

You’re at an advantage if your intended major is in the social sciences. Anthro and Soc students alike know the best way to learn about a new place is to set yourself right in the middle of it and metaphorically say, “Well, when in Rome…”. Well, when in Athens Ohio – rent a place near the bars.

Things to Consider when Looking for an Athens Apartment near the Bars

Think about all the pluses of choosing an apartment near the shops and bars on Court Street. There is so little walking to uptown or campus involved that you might actually have to worry about that Freshman 15. There’s always something to do… mainly drinking – but other things, too, like street fairs, and stuff like tabletop games and hookah. 

Hanging out on Court Street after class almost always leads to new friends, new parties, and delicious late-night food. If you rent an apartment near all those famous Athens bars, that means an easy commute back home when you’ve gotten a bit too tipsy, and it also means your Souvlaki’s spicy fries are still hot when you’ve gotten home and snagged a Gatorade out of the fridge.

Renting a huge house near the bars is a fun idea for a group of friends looking to jump into Athens’ nightlife culture. Renting a 1-bedroom efficiency for just you or you and your partner is an economical way to get an apartment in a prime, uptown location. Think about your favorite bars and restaurants on Court Street. Which bars do you want to live nearest to? Which restaurant has your favorite go-to takeout? 

One thing to factor in when renting an apartment near Athens bars is that nightlife is rowdy on Court Street and its surrounding blocks. Some bars are louder than others, but you’re never going to have a silent night in an apartment near the bars. For some, that may be awesome, but for others, it might be a mixed bag. Luckily, KPR rents apartments to OU students all over uptown, even in the quiet corners.

What if Renting near the Uptown Athens Bar Scene Isn’t for Me?

If the noise and the exciting vibe just isn’t your thing – no worries. You can move into an apartment just a few blocks from the bars and get all the peaceful perks of a residential neighborhood while still being pretty close to uptown and campus. 

Another pro about making your walk to Lucky’s a bit longer? Rent is lower and parking is easier to find, both on-road and included in rental properties. It’s definitely something to think about, and it’ll get you closer to those 10,000 steps a day we all need anyway. Two birds, one stone? 

Bonus Advantages of Living Close to Court Street Nightlife

Because Athens culture is centralized in its historic uptown, when you live in an off-campus apartment near the bars, you’re getting several other advantages built in:

  • Short walks to class and labs
  • Short walks to Alden for studying
  • Direct access to dozens of local restaurants
  • Within a 1-mile radius of 7+ coffee shops and cafes
  • A couple blocks from Busy Day’s liquor store
  • Close to Family Dollar, CVS and Kindred

Provided you like a bit of liveliness, there’s really no downside to choosing an uptown apartment. 

KPR: Luxury Student Rentals Close to the Bars, Campus, Food – Everything

Our Athens Ohio rental company maintains all kinds of off-campus housing that ranges from right up against the back of uptown bars, to a few blocks away in quieter (but still central) neighborhoods. We lease houses, apartment buildings, duplexes; 1-bedroom studios to 8-bedroom houses – if you’re looking for an OU apartment near the bars, you’ve got choices.

Because we’ve been an Athens property manager for so long, we’ve been able to snatch up some of the gems of historic uptown. Our tenants get to live in 100+ year-old properties with 21st-century amenities, all right outside campus and in the heart of Athens. And if you’re worried that renting with KPR means renting in a rowdy student neighborhood, don’t! We’ve got quite a few properties close to uptown but tucked into the neighboring (much quieter) residential streets. Explore our properties to find the perfect place for you.