Athens Ohio Rental Apartments & Homes Have a Lot to Offer

Whether you’re moving to Athens for work, school, or just because it’s a pretty awesome place to land, you should get to know some of the things that make living in Athens, Ohio unique. The neighborhoods here are set in the hills all surrounding the valley center, where you find Ohio University’s historic campus and Athens’ equally-historic uptown. It’s a little Appalachian Rome.

Two-hundred-plus years of growth and development have made for a fairly diverse, mix-and-match spread of historic homes, apartment buildings, converted uptown buildings, and 8-bedroom houses turned into several smaller apartments. There are buildings cantilevered off the hillsides in the steeper neighborhoods, and converted apartments over the shops on Court Street.

So, where do you look when viewing rental properties in Athens, Ohio? And what do you look for?

Different Apartment Rentals for Different Needs

Obviously, everybody’s list of must-haves is different when looking for apartments or rental homes in Athens. Luckily, housing in Athens is a range of options for almost any living situation:

  • Studio, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments near uptown bars and campus green are great for singles or couples who want to live near Court Street for work or school.

  • 5 person rentals, 4-bedrom, or even 8-bedroom rental homes in the neighborhoods around Court Street are perfect for groups of students who want that quintessential Athens OU experience.

  • 1 to 3 bedroom apartments in historic buildings near uptown let people rent housing in Athens that’s a real part of the town’s history.

  • Two and three bedroom units in some rental properties let a couple smaller groups of friends have the option of connecting the apartments and creating a way bigger living space.

Different Housing Locations for Different People

Because uptown Athens is set in the center of it all, and the South half of Athens is primarily campus, rental housing in the Athens neighborhoods around uptown offer great, central locations that are tailored to different kinds of lifestyles.

  • Apartments and rental properties in the South Side near uptown are ideal for medical professionals at OU and O’Bleness, med students, and physical science students. Foster Place is one street that’s pretty much equal distance to the medical school as Court Street each way. 

  • The best places to rent in Athens for Fine Arts students, faculty and staff are rental properties near the Court Street and State Street intersection, like Lash Street or Fern Street. You’re renting an apartment that’s a stone’s throw from uptown Athens, but you’re also within sprinting distance of Jefferson when you’re late to dance rehearsal.

  • Rental housing on the North end of uptown, such as N Congress, Franklin and State are good apartments and homes to rent for people who want central locations that are partially residential, like professors and their families in 4 bedroom rentals, or a group of university friends in a Court Street-adjacent 3 bedroom rental house.

  • The streets directly West of Court, like Washington and High Streets, are a fun mix of party houses and little cantilevered treehouse-style rental properties cantilevered on hillsides. It’s a microcosm of Athens’ mix of nature and culture. This area has apartments and rental housing in locations convenient to the social science halls as well as physical science and med school buildings.

Kleinpenny Rentals: Athens Rental Housing for Everybody

We love living in Athens, and we mean to help others love living here, too! We have a portfolio of rental properties that can cater to anyone, all in great locations near uptown Athens and OU campus. We regularly update all our Athens apartments and rental homes with luxury features, which makes them just as cool rentals for OU students as attractive, functional rentals for OU alum and their families. Take a look at our property list and use our detailed search to find the best Athens, Ohio rental housing for you.