Ohio University Housing: Living Your Best Life Off-Campus

Going to university is an exciting time in life, and one of the many milestones that’s a part of it is renting your own apartment. Ohio University off-campus housing options are diverse. You could live on campus, but most prefer not to – you’ve got more freedom, better proximity to Court Street, and it’s way less expensive than on-campus housing. But not all OU rental properties are created equal, and students who don’t do their research might get left behind. So here’s our quick guide on important things to think about before, during and after you sign that lease:

1. Choose the Right Athens Rental Company

First thing’s first, of course: the landlord you choose to rent from has a huge impact on the quality of your housing. The best off-campus housing at OU is run by landlords who prioritize location, quality, safety, and convenience. KPR rents over 70 properties around uptown Athens. We consistently renovate and update all our off-campus Ohio U housing with amenities like dishwashers, laundry and AC, and we’re always there when our tenants call.

2. Location, Location, Location

You can’t get the real Athens experience if you’re out in the boonies. With student off-campus rentals a stone’s throw from Court Street and a mere 2 to 3 blocks from campus, renting Ohio University housing with KPR means, whatever rental you choose, you’re close to convenience stores, coffee shops, the bars, Alden Library – all the things you need to live your best, newly-minted adult life.

3. Where to Park Your Car

Parking is at a premium here, but not with our Athens rental company. Whether it’s parking space rentals at our uptown apartment buildings or a driveway for parking included in one of our rental homes, we’re always here to help tenants find convenient, safe and cost-effective permanent parking options near uptown Athens and OU campus. 

Believe us, once the novelty of a campus-and-Court-Street-bound life wears off, you’re going to want to be able to just hop into your car and go to one of the many beautiful parks the area has to offer.

4. Decorate Without a Hammer and Nails

Just because your lease doesn’t allow you to paint or mount things on the walls doesn’t mean you can’t make the space yours. Command strips are the solution to hanging most anything under 6lbs, and tapestries are a great way to cover a big empty wall with a design that’s unique to you. Zero damage to the walls, happy landlord, and a cool Athens apartment all your own. It’s a win-win-win.

5. Where to Find Academic Support & Study Spots

Studying is probably a huge part of your life now. And, while Alden is amazing, and the perfect spot if you’re in the middle of a research project, sometimes you need to switch it up. If you need extra help or tutoring, you can visit Alden’s 1st floor for tutoring, or join an Academic Community with other students taking similar classes to you. If you want to stay on campus but get out of the library, Baker Center has a lot of great study spots, too. 

But there are also a few good places uptown where you can get some good studying in with a beer or two. Or too much espresso – whatever works for you. West End Cider House is quiet during the day, and has awesome cocktails and ciders. Donkey Coffee is an Athens study-spot-staple, with coffee, espresso, snacks, and more, that make studying solo or with a group a bit more fun than whispering around a table at Alden.

KPR: Ohio University Housing Off-Campus & Near Uptown Athens

We know the ins and outs of what makes a great student rental for off-campus living at OU, and we are that Athens rental company that prioritizes location, quality, safety, and convenience. With lease incentives, parking rental options, updated spaces, and some of the best-located rental units you’ll find in uptown Athens, KPR can help you make your OU experience into the best time of your life.

Check out our property listings, and take advantage of our detailed search. Our map feature is a great tool for those who aren’t yet familiar with the layout of Athens and which rental locations are closest to the campus green or Court Street bar that’s most important to you. Any questions? Visit our FAQ page or get in touch!