Top 10 Reasons to Rent an Athens Apartment near Court Street Uptown

It’s no secret that if you want to rent apartments on or near Court Street in Athens, you’ve got to start your search at least a year ahead of time. Court Street apartments in Athens are limited, so they’re sought after – some even have years’ long waiting lists. But there’s good reason OU students want to rent housing near uptown; it’s the best of school-life balance. 

We could go on all day about why living near Court Street in Athens is an awesome experience – we’re a local rental company, after all – but we’ve narrowed it down to our top ten reasons why Court Street is one of the best places to rent in Athens, Ohio.

1. You live close to the bars uptown.

While there are other great things like restaurants and shops, most OU students getting out of the dorms and turning 21, naturally, want to rent apartments near Court Street because it’s so close to the bars. And living close to the bars isn’t just about fun; it’s also about safety, because short, well-lit walks home at night are safe walks home at night.

2. You can get to class quickly.

Everybody’s woken up with 5 minutes to get to a class that’s across campus, or gotten up one morning only to realize you’ve completely forgotten to write a paper that’s due that day. Court Street apartments give you that same proximity to academic halls you had in the dorms, because you’re only a couple blocks from Baker in any direction.

3. You can get fresh-baked cookies at 3am.

Insomnia. Google it.

4. You can find a rental with a yard, if you want.

Believe it or not, you can rent an apartment or rental house within sight of Court Street that also has a yard. You get all the perks of having a Court Street apartment with all the great things about renting housing with outdoor space.

5. Court Street apartments are in the middle of the action.

It’s not just living near the bars that’s great about social life in uptown Athens. Court Street is often just as vibrant during the day. Local festivals and events, Ohio University’s International Street Fair – Court Street apartment living gives you the option of peeking out your window and joining in on the action impromptu.

6. Apartments near Court give you the real Athens experience.

Part of Athens’ culture is uptown. It’s the cultural center of OU’s student body as well. But student or not, it’s where we eat local food, relax and unwind, party, dance, meet new friends, and experience new things. Renting an apartment in uptown Athens gives you the option to dip into that dynamic any and all the time.

7. Athens uptown rental properties are well-cared for.

Athens rental companies know they’ve got to keep up with what students want and expect from Court Street apartments. That old image of rundown, dank, small apartments you only cook Ramen in doesn’t cut it. You can find apartments near Court Street in Athens with all the luxury home amenities you’d expect in a rental house ten minutes outside of town.

8. Court Street apartments are close to all the necessary amenities.

Uptown Athens has everything: an urgent care clinic, convenience store, groceries, coffee shops, restaurants, city administration, apartments, and the bars, of course. Living in an apartment near Court Street, you could easily live without needing daily access to a car.

9. Uptown Athens apartments mix vintage and modern.

For students who want new-build, modern apartments on Court Street, those options definitely exist. But the best places to rent in uptown Athens are a mix of historic and modern. Updated spaces with modern amenities surrounded by high ceilings, hardwood floors and fireplaces make for cool apartments that nod to the longevity of the town and the university, but have AC and a dishwasher.

10. Apartments close to uptown still have designated parking rentals. 

While you don’t need daily access to a car if you rent an apartment or house near Court Street, you can still find long-term designated parking available to rent, even if you’re in Uptown. The best Athens rental companies curate not only the best-located properties, but the best-located parking to rent – because, as we all know, parking spaces in Athens are at a premium.

An Athens Landlord with Court Street Apartments for Uptown Living

We maintain and rent well over 70 properties in central Athens, Ohio. Every one of our rentals for OU students is located close to uptown as well as campus. The blocks directly around central uptown give students a wide array of choices for types and sizes of apartments with all the perks of Court Street apartments. 

Yards, decks with a view, and newly-renovated kitchens and baths are just a few of the standout features of our company’s rental properties. If you’re planning for next school year’s off-campus housing and want to live in a Court Street apartment, look at our property map and choose the uptown location that’s perfect for you.