Top 5 Rental Companies in Athens, Ohio Reviewed

Who you decide to rent an apartment or house from is vital. It can make the difference between feeling truly at home in a rental, and counting down the days of your lease until you can leave. Since Athens has to accommodate around 10000 students moving in and out yearly, on top of the local population renting family houses and faculty apartments, there’s no shortage of rental companies to choose from when searching for an off-campus spot. You need something close to campus and uptown, sure, but you need someone who cares about their properties and the students they rent to. 

Here are the top 5 Athens, Ohio rental companies that cater to OU students, according to Google Reviews (Oct 2023 data):

1. Kleinpenny Rentals: 5 Stars

Founded in 1989 by lifetime Athens locals, Kleinpenny Rentals leases, maintains and regularly renovates 76 properties immediately surrounding and inside uptown. They offer some of the most premiere student rentals in the most central spots, including Fern, Lash, E State, and Congress. Rentals span studio apartments to 8-bedroom homes.

Reviews for KPR Rentals frequently mention a friendly and responsive office, fast maintenance and luxury amenities. Many tenants stayed in their student apartment for multiple years, and more than one review called it the best college experience.

2. Athens Ohio Rentals: 5 Stars

In business since the early ‘90s, this rental company is run by a pair of experienced real estate agents and OU alumni. Their mission is to offer well-maintained, clean apartments that let students really sink in and live college life. Rentals span 1-bedroom apartments to 8-bedroom houses.

Reviews for Athens Ohio Rentals frequently mention clear and organized communication, fast and friendly maintenance, and people liked the company’s focus on encouraging students to handle as much of the process as possible, as opposed to parents.

3. Krause Rentals: 4.6 Stars

A rental company serving Athens and the surrounding area, Krause Rentals has been in business for over a decade in both Athens and Columbus. They pride themselves on well-located, affordable housing, as well as designated marking rentals near uptown. Their 60 Athens properties span 1 to 5-bedroom apartments and homes.

Reviews for Krause Rentals frequently mention responsive maintenance, minimal paperwork and good communication. People feel that the landlord is thoughtful and genuinely cares about his tenants.

4. Sabel Rentals: 4.5 Stars

Sabel Rentals is a family-owned property manager that’s been in business since 1975. They offer medium-sized portfolio of rental houses for OU students in central locations near uptown and campus. Rentals span 3 to 6-bedroom houses.

Reviews for Sabel Rentals frequently mention a friendly and responsive staff, quality maintenance and repair services, and quick, genuine communication. People say they’d rent from them again.

5. Athens Brick Properties: 4.4 Stars

Founded over 40 years ago, this local company has curated a collection of homes and apartments that fit a variety of people, from OU undergrads to medical students to faculty and families. Rentals span 1-bedroom apartments to 6-bedroom houses, including a couple great homes on Mill.

Reviews for Athens Brick Properties mention a fast and friendly maintenance crew, new amenities and clean houses. Several reviews mentioned renting from them for multiple years.

Survey Says: Smaller Property Management Companies Offer Better Service

In this town, word of mouth is really the way to go when it comes to choosing the right landlord to rent your off-campus apartment from. Google’s a pretty good litmus test, and tells us a few things: medium-sized companies that lease to OU students and have been around for a few decades are the ones that offer the best in Athens living. The companies on this Best 5 list outdo the property-management giants across the board. Take a clue from past tenants – you’ll find the best apartments in the best locations at these companies, and you’ll have the best landlord-tenant experience.