Kleinpenny Rentals: Premiere Student Apartments Near Ohio University

There are endless good things to say about getting out of the dorms and into your first student rental off-campus. From actually choosing your roommates to being done with curfews and keycards, there’s a lot to be said for living outside of OU’s campus, even if you’re still super close to it. Yes, you could always rent outside of uptown, but you wouldn’t be living as close to Ohio University or Court Street – Athens itself. And renting an apartment near Ohio University definitely has unique advantages to rentals farther out.

Here are our top 5 reasons to look for close-to-campus Ohio University apartments to rent:

1. The lack of commute to college classes is key.

On a tight class schedule but really need that extra 10 minutes to drink your morning coffee before you head out? If your apartment is close to OU campus, you can cut that coffee ritual to 5 minutes and still be to class on time. Not to mention, if you’re someone who’s involved in student government, clubs, sports, etc., it’s an easy walk to and from all of those events, too. 

2. Get access to big-city culture on a small-town campus.

The Templeton-Blackburn Memorial Auditorium, which Athenians know better as Memaud, is a hub of culture you usually don’t find in towns this size. From Broadway musicals and nationally-renowned comedians to specialty restaurants and an array of bars on Court Street, renting an apartment near Ohio University green lets you live a stone’s throw from these experiences.

3. Have off-campus adventures on court street uptown.

Leasing a rental property near OU campus means you’re also close to all the crazy things that happen on Court Street, whether bar life at night or Bagel Street Deli for your hangover the next day. And living near uptown Athens isn’t just about the bars; tonnes of cool things happen uptown both night and day. Brew Fest, the Athens Community Arts & Music Festival, International Street Fair, and way more – the advantages of renting an apartment close to Ohio University extend outside campus green.

4. It’s still giving that campus core vibe. 

You wanted out of the dorms, but not necessarily out of what it’s like to live on campus. Renting off-campus housing that’s close to uptown and classes allows you to stay an active student, whether that means clubs, sports, orgs, lectures, or any of those fun outdoor events that happen on South Green. Plus, an apartment close to campus can also serve as a primo private study spot. 

5. The bike path is, like, right there. 

If your rental home is close to campus that means you’re also a stone’s throw from the bike path. Whether you like to run, rollerblade or rest under the cherry blossom trees, spending some time on the bike trail is a great way to be active, take in the natural beauty of the hills surrounding Athens, and take some time to clear your mind.

Luxury Student Apartments for Rent Near Ohio University & Uptown Athens

Whether you’re looking to live the single life in a studio apartment near Court Street or a 4-bedroom rental house near OU’s campus, KPR leases rental properties in all the central uptown Athens neighborhoods. Our portfolio of premiere student housing features rentals as small as studio apartments and as big as 8-bedroom houses, all within a short walk to OU campus, all recently- (or even newly) renovated.

There are so many more reasons to rent an apartment near Ohio University than just these 5, and you can begin to discover them for yourself once you’ve moved into your new student rental!