Kleinpenny Rentals: Luxury Student Housing for All Kinds of College Life

Wondering how to get started on your search for the perfect apartment in uptown Athens? You’ve come to the right place. Signing a new lease on a rental is exciting, especially if you’ve chosen an amenity-packed apartment that’s close to Court St and campus. 

In Athens, there are hundreds of student rentals to choose from; so you need to know what you should be looking for so you can make the best choice for you. Four factors we consider must-haves that you’ll find in our company’s rental properties are:

  1. Great location

  2. Close to OU’s campus

  3. Near to uptown Athens

  4. Luxury amenities

Central Neighborhoods: Rent an Apartment or House Near Uptown

Uptown Athens is central both to the town and the campus, so it’s surrounded by adjacent neighborhoods packed full of well-located rentals. You’ll find everything from cool little studio apartments to six bedroom houses to rent just in a two-block radius of uptown. And there’s a bunch of reasons you should rent a place close to Court Street:

  • Best place for an active social life

  • Groceries just up the street

  • Uptown clinic and pharmacy

  • Bars

  • Restaurants

  • Local shops

  • Community outdoor events

Get to Classes in a Flash with a Deluxe Apartment Close to Campus

The other obvious pro of living in these central neighborhoods is you’re a stone’s throw from campus. School is sort of central to the whole thing, right? When you choose a place close to OU, that means that Tuesday morning you’ve got an exam, when you realize you’ve forgotten your bluebook when you’re already halfway to class, it’s a really short way to backtrack to grab it. Not to mention the short walks during bad weather, whether it’s 95 degrees in June or 10 degrees in February. Thanks, Ohio. Other advantages of living a short walk from Ohio University green are:

  • Easy access to arts events at Glidden and MemAud

  • Being near the center of the student social action on campus

  • Easy last-minute decisions to go to lectures or colloquiums that interest you

  • Closer access to professors

  • Proximity to the coffee shops in Baker and uptown

Premiere Rental Housing Near the Bars for a Vibrant Social Life

This is where our properties really shine. The locations, obviously, mean you’re living super-close to the bars uptown, and the amenities mean you’re renting a place that you can welcome friends and family into for social gatherings. The OU experience is as much about school as it is about fun (at least we think so); what better way to balance work and play than choose an apartment near uptown and campus that’s packed with deluxe features?

Apartments with Luxury Amenities that Make it Feel Like Home

So what are these amenities that make Kleinpenny Rentals housing options feel comfortable and high-end? The care we put into each property. Amongst the 75+ awesome choices for off-campus living, you’ll find properties with features like:

  • Yards, decks and other outdoor space

  • Parking or long-term parking rentals on-site

  • Hot tubs!

  • Fully-renovated kitchens and bathrooms

  • Updated appliances, including dishwashers

  • Central AC

  • Laundry on-site or in-unit

  • Plush carpet and hardwood floors

  • Ample storage

  • Energy-efficient HVAC systems

That might not be it – just off the top of our heads. The point is, everything you would look for in a real home, we provide in our rental properties. College should be an amazing time of life, and the place you live should make it easy to become who you want to be during your time at OU.

Get Started on Your Athens Housing Search with KPR!

Looking for housing for your next year at OU? Take a look around our luxury student rentals; between all the options, amenities and central locations, you’re sure to find the perfect place to spend your years as upperclassmen. And if you’ve got any questions about Kleinpenny Rentals leases, consult our sample lease. For apartment showings, parking rentals, moving truck rentals, or any other questions, give us a call or visit our FAQ page.