What Makes KPR’s Student Rentals the Best Luxury Apartments in Athens?

Not all apartments in Athens are created equal, because not all rental companies in Athens take the same measures to ensure their rentals have all the amenities you’d expect in a luxury apartment! We’re different – Kleinpenny Rentals offers luxury, amenity-packed apartments and homes for rent in the best locations in Athens. 

Obviously, one of the biggest factors for OU students renting apartments in Athens is being close to uptown – close to the bars, campus, all Court Street’s awesome restaurants, and convenience stores. It makes life easy and fun. But we don’t rest on our laurels when it comes to the locations of our rentals. Just because you’re right uptown doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a beautiful, updated space with all the features of home. Here are some things you can look forward to by renting one of KPR’s luxury Athens apartments – 

Renovated Kitchens

Whether it’s a four bedroom apartment, a studio rental, or 8-bedroom house, our kitchens feature beautiful cabinets, ceramic tile floors, newer appliances, and – most important of all – dishwashers.

Tiled Bathrooms

Many of our uptown Athens apartments and rental homes have completely renovated bathrooms. That means instead of old vinyl floors and plastic tub surrounds, you get cast iron tubs, fully-tiled tub surrounds and tiled floors.

Spacious Living Rooms

We do our best to make the most of any size space, whether it’s one of our six bedroom houses for rent, or a cozy one bedroom apartment right off of Court Street. Sometimes, an apartment listing will use the term “bedroom” for something that is so small, almost anyone would get claustrophobic. Our living spaces and common rooms are spacious, and the bedrooms in our rental properties are all good size. In fact, some of them border on enormous.

Plush Carpet

Many of our apartments have historic hardwood floors throughout the living spaces. But we like something more comfy in the bedrooms. The only kinds of carpet you’ll see in KPR apartments is thick, super-plush, and free of stains and worn-down corners.

Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning

We live here, so we get it – air conditioning is pretty high up there on people’s lists of apartment must-haves. A lot of time, landlords get away with smashing a power-gobbling window AC in a room and saying the apartment is air conditioned. Our air conditioned rental units feature super-efficient mini-split systems – efficient in cooling and in power usage.

In-Unit Laundry

As a college student, is there anything better than being able to just do your laundry whenever you want and not have to lug a sock full of quarters and a full-to-bursting laundry basket up and down Stimson each week?

Outdoor Spaces

Something you definitely didn’t get in the dorms, and will sacrifice in a lot of other Court Street apartments, is outdoor space. But what about decks? Hot tubs? Spacious front porches, and even yards? Our uptown apartments feature spacious decks perfect for sipping morning coffee or having friends over for a few beers on a Friday. Even better, we have rental houses super-close to Court Street with yards. Corn hole and grilling out? Yes, please!

Kleinpenny Rentals: Luxury Apartments in Athens, Ohio

The apartment you rent for your time at Ohio University shouldn’t just be a dilapidated box you do homework and sleep in. True college luxury is apartments that let you live a full life – one with evening porch wine and views of uptown; one with the ability to have a bunch of friends come play corn hole, or have a game night in a kitchen and living space that’s big enough. You shouldn’t have to budget time for laundry treks or hand wash your dishes after a big party. 

Take a look at any one of our Athens rentals, and you’ll understand why we use the word “luxury” when we’re describing them. Curious? Browse around with our Detailed Search and take a look at our Sample Lease!