Four Bedroom Rental Apartments & Houses in Athens, Ohio

If you’re looking for an Athens rental with 3 or 4 bedrooms but can’t seem to decide which would be better, it’s easy to go for the, Well, I guess I should spend less money and just go with the three bedroom house. But not so fast – it’s not just about rent, and it’s not just about how many roommates you’ve got. Yeah, there are a lot of reasons a 3 bedroom apartment might be right for you – but there are also some pretty cool reasons a 4 bedroom rental might suit you better. Consider the advantages – 

Location, Location, Location

Good news is, this one’s a wash. Every one of KPR’s rental properties – 4 bedroom houses, 3 bedroom apartments, 5 bedroom homes – are all close to uptown and campus. 

Meet New People

Maybe you fell in love with one of our four bedroom rental homes or units and you can’t let go – you’ve got to live there. Trouble is, there are only 3 of you. Renting a 4 bedroom is still a solid idea; you can lease a space you love, and you have a chance to make a new friend when you find a roommate for that fourth bedroom.

Leave Flexibility for Friends

It’s happened to us all – the annoying roommate invites people for a sleepover and you only find out when there are three extra people sleeping on the floor of your living room. Or, after a long night out, one of your friends just is not in a position to walk home. Like, at all. Having a fourth bedroom in your rental makes it easy to have house guests without them having to live in the living room.

Make a Studio or a Game Room

Maybe you’re an art student who needs a studio, or a musician who needs a place to practice that doesn’t disrupt the entire home. Or maybe you’re a gamer who needs a bit of a hangout space that doesn’t disturb less screen-oriented roommates. A rental with a fourth bedroom is the perfect solution. Yeah, you might only need a 3 bedroom house, but why not live your best life? Mental health and having space, is important for your well-being, especially during a stressful time like college.

Let Your Slithery Friends Live with You, Too

Okay, it doesn’t have to be a snake, though. Regardless, there are some pets that just can’t exist in an active, noisy room like a living room. And maybe you don’t want that 70-gallon gecko vivarium in your bedroom either. It is objectively huge. With a fourth bedroom in your 3-person rental, you can keep your little bearded dragon, grow your beloved plants, admire your exotic fish – anything you need a quiet, climate-controllable room for, that “extra” bedroom can end up becoming a huge part of your life.

KPR 4 Bedroom Apartments & Homes for Rent

Whether you’re three friends, four, five, or even a family, we have many options for 4 bedroom rentals in uptown Athens that fit any lifestyle. Best of all, we are meticulous about our maintenance, and we pride ourselves in ensuring our rental properties are all updated. In fact, dozens of our rental units boast just-renovated kitchens and bathrooms. So, if you’re considering renting a four bedroom unit but aren’t sure, consider things besides rent and the number of beds you need to fit in there; check out our luxury four bedroom rentals and start envisioning your life in uptown Athens, Ohio.