Why Choose to Rent a House in Athens Instead of an Apartment?

There are so many different kinds of living situations when it comes to Athens rentals for OU students: apartment buildings, duplexes, 2-bedroom units in a huge historic house, and whole houses themselves. You can find everything here, from efficiency studio apartments to 8-bedroom rental homes. If you’re in the market for a 2 to 5 bedroom apartment, you should seriously think about looking at houses for rent in Athens. 

Leasing a house close to OU campus is a bit different than an apartment unit in a shared building. And you might think that to get a rental house in Athens, you have to sacrifice proximity to Court Street and the lecture halls on campus green. Good news is, that’s not at all true! KPR rents dozens of houses to students that are close to uptown as well as Ohio University.

Houses vs Apartments & Personal Space

One thing we’ve gotta say about houses over apartments: space. And not just space, but privacy. In an apartment building, you might have an upstairs neighbor who doesn’t understand it’s rude to blare music at 2am on a Tuesday. Well, in Athens, that might happen in a house with a next door neighbor….

But anyway – the other great thing about the space in a rental house is the ability to have your own quiet time away from the roomies and any visitors. And if you choose to rent a house with a yard in Athens? It just opens up a whole new set of possibilities for study spots, places to nap, areas to hang with friends – that kind of stuff.

Outdoor Space & Rental Houses with Yards

Speaking of yards – nearly all the houses we rent to OU students have some kind of outdoor space. Some of our rental homes have yards, some have big porches, some have beautiful decks off the back, and some have all three! That’s not to say there aren’t any apartments for rent in Athens with outdoor space – it’s just more often in the form of a balcony or porch. And in cases of yards, if you live in a multi-unit rental, you’re likely sharing any yard or other outdoor space.

Seriously – who doesn’t want to rent a house with a yard that’s still a 30 second walk to the bars and less than a couple minutes more to Baker Center on campus?

Available Parking in Houses vs Apartments

It’s a secret to exactly no one that private parking spaces are at a premium in this town. And if you don’t secure a lease with parking included – paid or not – you’re going to spend a lot of time looking for places to park, moving your car every 24 hours, and likely forgetting a few times and having to spend money on parking tickets. Kleinpenny Rentals makes every efforts for all our properties – apartments and houses – to have assigned parking available for our tenants to rent during their leases. 

But another reason to think about a rental house in Athens instead of an apartment? Way more chance the parking spot(s) is included in the lease. After all, you rented the whole house; if there’s a driveway, that’s also yours for the term of your lease.

KPR: An Athens Rental Company Leasing Uptown Houses to OU Students

Whether you decide to lease a house for rent in Athens while you’re at Ohio University, or go with a cool little apartment uptown, KPR leases many types of properties to students, all in great locations close to campus as well as the bars and restaurants on Court Street. Some highlights of our Athens rental company are updated bathrooms and kitchens, many units with on-site laundry and amenities like dishwashers, AC, parking available to rent, and more. Take a look around our houses and apartments for rent in central Athens and start envisioning next year’s new home!