32 E Carpenter St & 3 Franklin Ave


Want to live with a bunch of your friends but aren’t exactly sure an 8-bedroom house or a bunch of units in a rental building is right for you? These two 4-bedroom houses are on two sides of the same corner at Carpenter and Franklin. This corner is a lively and social area, well-known for its “Honk if you…” signs during student porch parties. 

Both of these KPR rental houses have 4 bedrooms and 1 bath. You get outdoor space with porches and decks that give you a view of uptown before you even step out of your house for the day. These houses are 3 blocks down Court Street to the campus entrance, so are convenient for classes and for nightlife fun. 

Rent in each house is $550 per bedroom, but each home is zoned for up to 5 people, so you’ve got options on how to split bills. A couple extra roommates might save everyone some money! These houses have been recently updated with luxury amenities, and there’s a parking lot across the street where you can rent long-term parking for $33/month. Sorry, no pets allowed.

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