Premiere Student Apartments with Scenic Views of Uptown Athens

There are no shortage of perks to living practically uptown during your two years renting a place off-campus. But an extra feature not all rental companies offer in their uptown apartments are outdoor spaces – like yards, porches, decks – decks with hot tubs (hint hint). And an even more extra feature that’s pretty hard to find in college apartments are scenic vistas of Athens’ historic uptown. 

Hey – you appreciate it every day from ground level; wouldn’t it be nice to be able to sit back on your balcony with a beer and admire the historic buildings and your favorite spots to post up on a Friday night, reminiscing on nights you barely remember? Luckily, we’ve got several sizes and types of rental units just off Court Street where you can!

Spotlight on Our Best Off-Campus Spots with Overlooks of Uptown

There are a few key KPR rental buildings with view of Court Street and all the action that goes on uptown:

12 N Congress

Our apartments at 12 N Congress have options for anyone, and the upper floors have spacious decks with anywhere from peeks to vistas of the center of Athens. The 3rd floor units have especially good views. 12 N Congress has 6 3-bedroom apartments and 2 1-bedroom apartments. 

For bigger groups of friends wanting an apartment with that small-town-sky-rise vibe and a view of the historic court house clock tower, you’re in luck, because each pair of 3-bedroom apartments have the option to be connected and rented together for a 6-bedroom, 2-living room, 2-kitchen, 2-laundry room situation.

74 E State

This is one of our most sought-after rentals, simply because it could not be closer to actually sitting on Court Street. Better, the upper units share balconies where you can see directly to the top of Greek Row, which makes it pretty easy to gauge when’s a good time to join the parties down around Court and the surrounding student rentals.

Our building at the corner of E State and Fern has 12 units: 1 1-bedroom, 1 4-bedroom, and 10 2-bedrooms. And just like our 12 N Congress building, two of 74 E State’s 2-bedroom units have the option to be connected to become a huge double-living, kitchen and laundry, 4-bedroom flat.

20 N Congress

This is arguably our most in-demand uptown rental for a few reasons, one of which is its decks look right back over Court Street! Other highlights include the fantastic location, but what the kids are really into are the luxury oversized hot tubs on those decks with uptown views. Can you imagine a better spot for students who love to socialize and take advantage of Court Street night life?

This building always has a waiting list, so make sure you start your search for the perfect scenic OU student rental ahead of time! 20 N Congress has 3 3-bedroom flats, 3 4-bedrooms, and 1 huge 7-bedroom unit. This location is a work-hard-play-hard kid’s dream.

1 Franklin Ave

For students who want all of the above but would rather have a homey feel to their time off-campus, KPR has a couple rental houses with view-packed outdoor space as well. 1 Franklin Ave is a recently-renovated 4-bedroom house that sits just one block from Court Street – you’re looking right at it every time you walk out the front door. 

Bonus: This house might be 4 bedrooms, but it’s zoned for 4 or 5 tenants. Regardless, we only charge for 4. Something to think about!

14 N Congress

Just between our buildings at 12 and 20 N Congress is this single-unit converted historic building. With 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, this student rental home doesn’t just back up onto Court Street; it has a back deck with view of uptown as well. 

Honestly, the KPR row on N Congress is the perfect hub for college students looking for a vibrant, active and well-located home base. It’s a great place to make the most of your time living off-campus at OU.

Kleinpenny Rentals: Make You Time at OU Major with the Best Uptown Student Rentals

We’re not your average Athens landlord, and our student rentals aren’t your average college apartments. We’ve got some of the most well-located options for OU students, but we also focus on your quality of life while you’re here. Updated, renovated spaces, quality materials, amenities like AC, dishwashers, laundry, yards, decks – feel at home in the heart of Athens in a student rentalwhere you can sit and sip through endless sunset vistas of uptown.